Monday, November 7, 2011

Symmetrical Origami

- Origami Paper/ I actually bought colored paper from Office Depot and cut 5" x 5" square pieces
- Glue
- 18" x 18" Construction Paper

I taught the students 4 basic folds used in origami:

Using these 4 folds, the students created a composition that represented radial symmetry!

For directions on the folds, click here.

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  1. WOW these are FABULOUS! I'm such a klutz with origami - never seem to be able to get it right - so that makes these look even MORE spectacular to me. Great lesson!

  2. I'm with Phyl...I would love to do this but am a mess at origami...can you show us how to do the four basic folds?

  3. Done and done! : - )

  4. Fantastic documentation and pictures! Thank you for the idea and wonderful examples! I cannot wait to try this with my students.

  5. I love how architectural these look! Beautiful.

  6. Thank you for the great videos of the folds. My students are loving this project and one boy even did a happy dance in the middle of class because he was so excited when he figured out how to do the more challenging folds.

    1. haha, that's great to hear! One of the best things about teaching is seeing kids get "get it,"- folding, shading, perspective..!

  7. This is really excellent. Exactly what I was looking for and far simpler than it looks! Very impressive!