Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slinky Lizard

- Construction Paper
- Markers/ Crayons
- Scissors
- Gluestick
- Premade Feet and Head Tracers

Originally saw this on Painted Pear and knew I definitely wanted to try it.

1. Decorate the front and back of a piece of  12" x 18" construction paper. Emphasize using lines and patterns.

2. Fold construction paper in half vertically (like a hot dog).

3. Fold edges towards center fold, When opened, you should have four sections.

4. Open up and fold two corners towards center line so that it makes a triangle point (like the beginning of a paper airplane).

5. Fold once more, making the diagonals of the fold meet the center line.

6. Open up and refold so that it is just like a "hot dog". You should see three diagonals, one short, one medium and one long. Cut along the long diagonal.

7. Do not throw the cut pieces away. Those will be used for later. On the larger piece, cut slits perpendicular to the fold and go a little passed the fold. If you cut only up to the fold or before, your lizard will not bend like a slinky. Tuck the section of the paper that is not cut underneath and glue.

8. On the scrap pieces, trace feet. I needed a little extra paper for the lizard heads. Each child will need four legs and two pieces for the head.

9. Attach legs as desired. As for the heads, I glued one to the bottom of the lizard bodies and creased the other so it fit in the fold of the top of the body. Add tongues if desired.

My kids LOVED these!! They begged me to not put them on display so they could take them home right away.


  1. So want to try this! I saw a similar lesson on ARTolazzi some time back and wanted to try it, but then forgot about it. Thanks for sharing! How many days did this lesson take?

  2. I agree! I want to try these! I bet my kids would love them too.

  3. Great idea! I can see why the kids don't want to give them up...thanks for sharing

  4. It actually only took 2 50 minute classes. One for decorating and possibly beginning the folding. The second for the assembly. I did the steps with the whole class step-by-step so that we were all on the same page and I wouldn't have to repeat myself 20 times.

  5. The things you can do with paper and scissors.
    Great idea. Thank you for posting the step by step directions. Art teachers are so generous.

  6. Stylish Blogger awards are making their rounds, so I've got one for you! Check my blog for details.

  7. Cannot wait to try this with my kiddos! Thanks so much for the step by step directions!

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