Saturday, November 19, 2011

Light Capturing Designs

- White Drawing Paper / Tagboard
- Construction Paper
- Exacto Knives (if you so dare!) / Scissors
- Glue

I've had this bookmarked from the Dick Blick site for quite some time now and decided to finally try it with my 7th graders!

I had my students practice the 12 examples included with the lesson plus come up with 12 of their own. From there, they chose 2 of their own designs to use in the final project.

After our first attempt, I wish we had done this on tag board so that the folds came out sharper and neater, and the cutting would have been a little easier. Overall though, I think they were pretty successful!

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  1. Wahoo. This is awesome. Very brave going the exacto way. Could you accomplish this with scissors?

  2. Love these!How pretty these would look framed on a wall!? I'm going to have to try this. It looks fairly challenging - I think your students did a Fantastic job!

  3. I've always been fascinated by this type of paper project. Great work by your students!

  4. You can try with scissors... but a possibly modified lesson? Like, maybe doing a lesson on symmetry and drawing one large butterfly maybe and doing the same concept but with one image? Just braingstorming...? Because if you use scissors on such small cuts, I'm assuming it would get quite challenging.

  5. These are fantastic! I bet they're amazing lit with a strong light source.