Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Comic

Enjoy : - ).


  1. Hannah, I left this comment after your comment on my blog, but I thought I'd copy it here for you too. Here's what I said:
    Gee, Hannah, I'm completely flummoxed! I just checked my blogger dashboard, and you are correct, even there it's showing your apple prints as your most recent post. But, when I click on you link on my blogroll, even though it shows the apple prints, it does bring me to your newest post. I don't see that this is happening to anyone else, so I don't have an answer.. Not even sure I have a suggestion how to fix. Why not try something crazy - save them to draft then republish? Maybe change the dates on them? Re-publish in a different browser? (you know me, I like to blame EVERYTHING on Internet Explorer...)

    I wish I had a better answer for you. I wonder if this has happened before, and we just didn't notice. Your posts are still here (obviously, or I wouldn't be leaving a comment here) but why can't I see it on my blogroll or my dashboard? The newer posts don't seem to show up on Google Reader either. I'll do a post later asking for advice for you or at least reminding people to check out the newer stuff on your blog. Sorry that's the best I can do. :-(

  2. Aw, Phyl! You are so sweet! I just figured I'd ask because I know how blogger gets sometimes so I wasn't sure if this was an issue you had before... I'm assuming (I hope) that this will just pass? I'll keep you updated in case I do find a solution, just for future reference : ).