Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to Phyl, who I constantly link back to, for passing along this wonderful award to me! Even though the first step is to link back to the person who has given you the award, I think I would have mentioned Phyl in either this post or in another one soon- her blog is definitely one to read! I've just started blogging about two and a half months ago and am completely addicted.

So 7 things about me, eh?
1. I have a serious wedding obsession.
I got married last May and am still obsessed with weddings, dresses in particular. I (half) joke around with my friends that if they ever want to go wedding dress shopping, I totally will. They only reply with a chuckle...

2. My new current obsession, however, is home decorating.
We just closed on our house this past January, and I am obsessed with buying things! I've come to find out I do not like painting walls as much as I thought I would love, and I am pleasantly surprised that my husband will let me decorate with big, bold, colorful prints!

Still have plans for the mirror and counters, muhaha

3. I am from Buffalo and am proud of it!
I feel like other parts of the country pity our area, but I am a true Buffalonian at heart. I consider it a diamond in the rough. It has WONDERFUL art galleries and architecture, great restaurants, two professional sports teams, a lot of good schools, friendly people, and, my hometown of West Seneca was voted the best place to raise a family in New York State! What more can I ask for? Let's Go Buffalo!

4. I was born in the Philippines.
Yep, that's right! My whole family was! I moved here when I was about 5 months old, my older brother was already in the states here in Buffalo, being taken care of by my aunt. My Mom was working at the WTC, and my father and sister finally got their visas approved and moved here when I was 8. We were all split up for a time, but we are so close now and have such a strong sense of family.

5. I don't know how to swim.
All I remember is my brother leaving with my cousin to go take swimming lessons when I was a kid, and I said, "Nah... I don't wanna go." Now I can't learn for the life of me, ask all my friends who are lifeguards! Apparently I can't float.

6. I wish I could take studios for the rest of my life.
I would love the money and time to be able to take studios. Any studio really!- Drawing, Ceramics, Glass.. I really miss being more of a practicing artist, I'm craving making some art. This summer, when I'm all settled and now tenured (I just had my last observation two weeks ago!), I vow to work on some more stuff. 

7. I think food always tastes better when someone else prepares it.
Meaning, I am not the biggest fan of cooking. Hopefully that will kick in like people say it will, but as of right now, meals are always yummier to me when I don't have to put the effort into making it.
A dish I actually did make!

Last but not least, award 5 great bloggers that deserve the Stylish Blogger Award:
(Sorry if you have already been a recent recipient, I'm new to all this so don't know who this has floated around to. It's always nice to be nominated twice though :-)

- Lines, Dots, and Doodles: Along with all her wonderful lessons, she posts a lot of other helpful links! From games, resources and websites, and my favorite, all your blogs!

- Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists: A blog filled with some terrific original lessons.

- Kids Artists: An international blog to read, I love it! It's always refreshing to see other art ideas happening on the other side of the world.

- One Crayola Short: Has some insightful and creative lessons, and I love all the additional images she includes.

- Queen City Sporting News: Alright, alright.... so I'm a little bias on this one. This is my husband's blog. If you have any interest in Buffalo Sports, he is a great writer. He started his blog a little before mine, which inspired me to create one of my own, so I do owe him some credit.