Inside My Classroom

I travel between two schools at my district. Our district is broken up by K-4 (Elementary), 5-8 (Middle School) and 9-12 (High School).

During the day I teach my K-4 students. I have each class one day a week for 50 minutes. My tables are labeled by artists, which helps me manage and organize my students. I love to hang mobiles from my ceilings, and the fourth grade class receives the honor of painting a ceiling tile before they move on to the Middle School. I make a lot of my own signage because they simply don't sell what I'm looking for! (Unless it's over my budget or out of my pocket, of course..)

My "Class Art Folders" Closet

In the afternoon, I travel over to the Middle School and teach grades 5 and 6. I have moved classrooms this year, so this room is a work in progress. When I entered in the summer, the rooms were bare and there was no color. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, slowly but surely though, little touches of art are being displayed around the room. I also do not have any sinks in this room. Any suggestions? Right now I am using spray bottles and sponges to wipe down tables and have bought baby wipes for any messy hands. I have a "dirty water" bucket for used paintbrushes and wash them at the end of the day. I also have pitchers of water to fill water cups when painting. It's a process so far, but I'm making the best of it! I'd love to see your creative spaces!

 I love my Smart Board!