Tuesday, February 1, 2011


- Self-Portrait Mirrors (optional)
- Dollar Bill/ Money References (optional)
- Pencils
- Green watercolor
- Extra Fine Point Sharpie Marker

We studied our current dollar bill and wrote a list of what is on each bill. The students transferred those ideas onto their own money and created a self-portrait in place of the president. We studied facial proportions and correct ways to draw facial features.

Coincidentally when I was doing this lesson, a highlighted story on Yahoo was new designs for US currency. I explained to the students that even in my lifetime (gasp!!!) money has even changed. Check these out: Dollar Rede$ign Project

Some students even wanted to do coins, and we discussed what profiles were. Unfortunately, I did not take any of these photographs before I returned to students (before my blogging days) to bring home.

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