Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ceramic Hearts

- Clay
- Pre-Made Heart Templates
- Plastic Baggie
- Glaze
- Ribbon
- Pencils

I pre-made a  simple heart template for each student and placed in a zip loc baggie. The plastic works great for clean up!

Demonstrating how to roll coils and beads, the students filled in their heart however way they wanted. 
When it is all filled, take your thumb and smush it all together! Make sure that it is all rubbed in. You should not be able to see if you originally used coils or beads. Since we are not scoring and slipping, if it isn't shmooshed in all the way, they beads and coils may dry and crack at the seams. When you peel off plastic, the design will still be there.

Write name/initials on back (smushed side) and poke hole on top with a pencil (optional) for ribbon.


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