Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kandinsky Circles

Matches my background, tee hee

- Tempera Paint
- Paintbrushes
- White Drawing Paper
- An assortment of Construction Paper
- Scissors
- Circle Tracers
- Pencils
- Glue
- Kandinsky References
I know a lot of people do their own "Kandinsky Circles," it's just a fabulous work of art that elementary students can easily produce!

This was the method I went about:
I prefolded some paper to have six squares. The students painted them in in the color of their choice.

Next was a lot of tracing and cutting! I had three sized circles as tracers for the kids to use. Each child needed 6 large, 6 medium, and 6 small circles all together. 

At first I was nervous that it would be too daunting, but the students (as usual), tried to make it a game to see who could be done first. For this project, the imperfections of the circles even works! (Did I mention that I seriously love Kandinsky Circles?)

Circles, Circles, Circles!
Prior to assembling their projects, I checked to see they had the right amount of all the circles. Before you know it, all the kids were helping me chant, "1, 2, 3, ... 18!" Boy did they feel accomplished!

Last was to just glue the 6 large circles in the center of the squares, then the 6 medium in the center of the circles, and the 6 small. How colorful!

Looks AWESOME as a display!


  1. I love this project...have it posted on my blog, but love the different ways we all approach it! Looks great as a collaborative hanging piece!

  2. I know! Many different approaches.. always the same great result!

  3. I am doing this project much fun :) I love Kandinsky!

  4. This is great, love the layering & it looks like it added beautiful color to the hallway!


  5. Thank you! This is a wonderful activity. I just did it with some Transition (Kindergarten) and Year One students in Darwin, Australia. We are showing it at a Harmony Day exhibit. Looks awesome.