Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gingerbread Friend

- brown construction paper
- white tempera paint
- paintbrushes
- scissors
- glue
- M&Ms, JuJu Fruits, mini marshmallows
- pom poms, fuzzy wire, cotton balls, jewels, buttons
- The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth

I love reading stories to my younger students to introduce a lesson. I read The Gingerbread Man to my Kinders and then explained we would be making our own Gingerbread Friend. I taught them what a buffet was (one of my favorite things!). Today ours consisted of all the materials the students could choose to use to make their Gingerbread Friend.

My students traced a template I had premade and then cut out their Friend. They had the choice of painting on icing if they wanted.

Next was the fun part! They could decorate their Friend any way they wanted. I had to remind the students that the paint did not act as glue, though, and if they wanted items to stick on, they needed to actually use "a little dab'll do ya" from a glue bottle. 

Of course there's always get one that gets a little carried away : -). 

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