Saturday, January 15, 2011

Faith Ringgold Quilts

- 12" x 12" white drawing paper
- 2" x 2" tagboard
- Markers
- Pencils
- Erasers
- "Tar Beach" by Faith Ringgold

I read "Tar Beach" to my students and taught them a brief history of Faith Ringgold and her art work.

Each child made a quilt square depicting their favorite memory. I made 2" x 2" tracers showing them how to trace the square starting in the corner and then moving all the way around the border of their paper. In each square I asked that they either draw a shape or a pattern.

We completed these prior to Christmas, so a lot of the students had Christmas running through their head. As much as I tried asking them from memories from their whole lives, I still ended up with a lot of Christmas scenes!

Other Faith Ringgold quilt projects I've done:
1.  This was drawn on fabric with fabric markers and the border was made from scraps of fabric. Each student drew an image of their family. Most did activities they loved doing with their family, ex. going out to eat, going to a water park, etc.

2. I can not find the teacher exemplar for the life of me, sorry. I did this other project years back (my undergrad days for some practicum experience!) The students basically did a quilt square which was divided into four corners. In one corner was a self-portrait, and in the other three were pictures of either items they liked, family members/pets, something that describes who they are.

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