Saturday, January 1, 2011

Warm Color Cool Color Weavings

- (2) 9" x 12" white drawing paper
- pencils
- colored pencils
- sharpie marker
- scissors
- glue/ glue stick

I began this lesson by teaching a lesson on warm colors vs. cool colors. We discussed what they are and how they affect us and make a viewer feel. 

The students were asked to draw a scene of their choice and trace the image onto a second sheet of paper using either a light box or window. They should have two identical images on two separate sheets of paper. 

One drawing was to be colored in using a warm color scheme, the other using cool colors. I asked my students to outline their drawings in sharpie. This helps define the image when the weaving is complete. 

Once both images were colored, outlined, and approved, I had step-by-step instructions on the board on how to begin their weaving. The last step was to make sure all "tabs" on the edges were glued down so that the weaving would not come apart. 

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