Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowflake Impressions

- Snowflake tracers
- Tagboard
- Pencils
- Scissors
- Chalk Pastels
- Cotton Balls
- 12" x 12" Drawing Paper

A one-day art project with some very nice results.
I premade some tracers for the students which they traced onto tagboard and cut their own stencils. Each student needed to have one snowflake for them self.

Next I demonstrated how to chalk the outlines, and only the outlines, of the snowflake. I had several that still decided to color in their whole snowflake. 
*With my first class, I forgot to hand out some scrap paper for them to do their chalking on, making sure not to get any marks on their good paper. 

After they had a good, heavy outline of chalk on their snowflakes, the students placed them on their paper to make their impressions. All they had to do was take a cotton ball and rub off the chalk while carefully holding the snowflake in place. 

I didn't even think about doing different colors on each snowflake, but my students sometimes suggest some great ideas! I encouraged them to overlap and to think of a creative composition when laying down their snowflakes. They also could trade tracers with another friend so that they had a variety of snowflakes on their paper.


  1. Nice! Simplistic, yet it teaches a new technique. It gives the young ones a chance to use chalk without creating a total mess :)

  2. Love this project! It's hard to find a simple project with chalk!

  3. can you do this with normal chalk??? cause i have tons...

  4. I have no idea, but it's worth a try! I'm not sure if regular chalk "sheds" (sorry, I can not think of the right word for the life of me right now...) enough though, but let me know how it goes!