Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picasso Head

- computer with internet access
- printer
- paper

This was a fun and easy lesson to expose my students to Pablo Picasso. We discussed his artwork, style and specifically portraits. With the use of our school computer lab, the students were able to create their own abstract Picasso Head. This website also introduced basic editing tools like stretch, rotate, flip and more. The best part was the students were able to sign their work!

If it's in your school budget, it's nice to have a print out of each child's work.


  1. i can't find a place to print the picasso creations. it seems you can only email or save?
    please let me know if you figured this out.

  2. Have you tried right-clicking and printing? I'm not sure if that prints out the whole screen or just the portrait...

    Or have you tried dragging the portrait to a desktop and printing that way?

    I haven't done this with my students since a couple of years ago.. so I can't remember if they had a print option on there..