Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card Wreaths

- Christmas Cards
- card stock
- scissors
- glue
- ribbon

For Art Enrichment today, we made these great Recycled Christmas Card Wreaths! I originally got the idea from Goodhousekeeping, but had made some modifications to fit our budget.

I premade some templates of holly leaves for the students to trace.

Next, they simply cut out and glued around a circle template base made from heavy cardstock.

To finish, we embellished with some shiny berries and ribbon or bows and a little ribbon hook in the back. How easy and festive!

What's nice, too, is that the possibilities are really endless. It would be just as lovely to see sheet music, book pages, photographs, scrapbook paper and stiff felt being used.


  1. Hi, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I'll send an email to answer more completely, but in the meantime - your blog is great. You've got so much here for a blog that's barely a month old. Wow!

  2. Thanks! I just realized my response did not show up to this comment!

    I have three years worth of work to post on here, so a lot may seem "out of season".. (I may put some Christmas stuff up during January)... slowly but surely though, I'll be up to date!