Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazy Camouflage

- Tempera Paint
- Paintbrushes
- Hands
- White Drawing Paper
- Liu Bolin examples

Aren't these just awesome?! I introduced Liu Bolin, known as the "invisible man", to my fourth graders and they were immediately interested.

A co-worker of mine at the other elementary school did this project with her Kinders in one day, by not painting a background entirely, and by painting right over their hands.

I decided to do these with my fourth graders- so you can see the range for this project is quite large. I thought this would help my fourth graders train their eye and skill with matching their hand up with the background that they painted. First we painted the backgrounds of their choice, next was their hand! My students got a kick out of actually being able to paint their hands and arms for the first time (and only time!).

Can you find their hands?


  1. After the background was done, how long did it take to do the hands? Did it was off easily? I only have one sink--
    Looks really cool. Might try it with a few kids as a extention to another project.

  2. The hand was actually fairly fast. Depending on the background... I'd say 10 minutes? 15 minutes at the most really because it's such a small surface area.

    It washed off just fine. I only have one sink, too, and it's small. I think it worked out well because I never had more than two kids done at the same time so I never had to act as "crowd control."

  3. Hannah,
    Ours turned out great! I was so impressed with them! The kids had fun, but took longer than I had planned...can't wait to use some more ideas of easy (most of the time) and of course FUN!
    Sara Kettwig
    Marion, SD