Monday, December 27, 2010

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

- clay
- glaze (unless you use air dry, substitute with acrylic paint)
- brushes
- ribbon

I can't believe it took me three years to think of doing this! I made some adorable, and extremely easy!, Christmas ornaments with my Kindergarteners using cookie cutters!

Post Bisque/ Pre Glaze Fire

You just have to remember initials are written and legible on the back! I had a few slip by me that either forgot their initials all together or I just could not make out what they read.. Also, remember to make sure the hole will be large enough for a ribbon to pass after shrinking in the firing. Immediately after class I would check the ornaments and fix any holes that needed to be "repoked" correctly.

I also encouraged students to make their own shapes if they wanted. For example, the snowman and the heart seen above were original carvings.

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