Thursday, January 3, 2013

Premio Dardos

Thanks to The Small Art Teacher Blog for the Premio Dardos award! It's an award passed on from one blogger to another in recognition for their creativity, effort, and dedication. Blogging to share ideas, experiences, tips, and techniques does take time, but it's rewarding to know that your input is valued and appreciated : ).

And so... I pass the torch!:

Tales from a Traveling Teacher: Although her blog is not specifically an art education blog, Kelli is very deserving of this award for her terrific pictures, student examples, and worksheet examples. I know all of you have some classroom teacher friends that can be referred to her site!

Miss Young's Art Room: For a young lady, she's got some awesome, original lessons! I love how fresh her ideas are and she provides a lot of student examples!

Last, but not least,

Use Your Coloured Pencils: Another fabulous blog with some really cool lessons that you don't see on every typical art blog. She definitely has some projects that I've bookmarked to "borrow"- definitely a must check out!

Great job, ladies. Keep up the great work! I love working in a field and feeding off of creative people, so keep on inspiring : )