Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Very random request- Vote for me!

Alright.. so this has nothing to do with the art education world... more so just the art world. As an art teacher, I happen to be really into interior design, too.

One of my favorite websites for nursery inspiration is Project Nursery. I submitted my nursery a couple of months ago just to see the ratings, and it just so happens that I was chosen this month as a finalist! Now... of course my competition this month is amazing (as is usually all the rooms on the site).... but I would love you ever so dearly if I could win your support from the art education blogging world and have you vote for me! It only takes a second, and again, I would reallllly really realllly appreciate it!

To check out my babe's room, and VOTE FOR ME!, click here.  : )

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