Monday, March 19, 2012

Phases Of The Moon

- 12" x 18" Black Construction Paper
- Tape
- Q-Tips
- White & Black Tempera Paint
- Sponges
- 4 Small Paper Plates Per Child
- Scissors
- Glue

1. Cut one piece of construction paper in half lengthwise and tape edges together. You should have one long 6" x 36" piece.

2. Q-Tip white paint all over to resemble stars.

3. Cut out centers of plates.

4. I made a worksheet, but you can easily dictate the directions or draw on a board how each circle should be cut. You should have two crescents, one cut in half and one left as a whole.

5. Sponge paint each piece with white and a little bit of black to add texture and craters.

6. When dry, place in the correct order and glue. Again, I had a worksheet for the students to refer to, but you can easily have this directed on the board.

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  1. Pretty and so easy! You did this with kindies? Did they handle the cutting okay?

  2. Actually... I did these with my Life Skills class that are very low functioning. (I'm not allowed to take pictures which is why there's a lack of student examples.) There are a lot of para's in the room, one for every student, so you can imagine how much assistance there is. But... I DO think that my Kinders can definitely handle the cutting... Drawing the crescents MIGHT be the tricky part, but you can easily make one tracer for that, or of course practice, practice, practice drawing that curved line! Hope this helps : )

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