Monday, March 26, 2012

Hands With Bouquet

- Drawing Paper
- Oil Pastels
- "Hands with bouquet" example

I love changing up this lesson every year to introduce Picasso to the little ones.

I showed them this video:

After discussing Picasso,

1. Trace hand or have a friend trace their hand.

2. Color in.

3. Add flowers and stems.

4. Don't forget to sign it!





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  1. Great project. It seems simple but drawing hands is really difficult! That's maybe why in cartoons they have only 4 fingers ;-)

    1. I think if the kids trace their hand- they should trace it upside down- then turn the paper around and trace it with marker, add flowers etc.. I am going to try it tomorrow, :)

  2. People would be surprised how hard it is to TRACE hands!

  3. So simple and pretty - a great interpretation of Picasso's lovely artwork.

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