Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Prints

- Apple cut in half, one for each child
- Paintbrushes
- Paint
- White Drawing Paper

Apple prints! Paint the apple and print! We decided to do the order of the rainbow : - ).

Check out Ms. Keller's take on this lesson, too! Gotta love beautiful art!


  1. I love how you did these in a rainbow! Simply Beautiful!

  2. They kind of make me think of an Ode to Steve Jobs : )

  3. They look great! Did you get the idea from my blog I did the exact same project with my Kinders last month. If so, can you link to my blog? If not...Wow! Great minds think alike :)

  4. Haha, oh my gosh! I didn't, that is so funny!! I usually do this in actual apple colors, red - yellow - and green, and we focus on the star shape in the middle of the apple print.. but I don't know what made me want to do a new palette... Great minds DO think alike! I will definitely link to your blog! : )

  5. I agree this work is stunning. A thought: We Art Teachers have used food items for varies project and applications for years... I have stopped using food items due to the fact that some of the children in my classes do not enough to eat and using food for Art is wasteful and often offends differing cultures. Any thoughts?