Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 Point Perspective Chess Boards

- Rulers
- Drawing Paper
- Construction Paper (optional)
- Pencils
- Erasers!
- Colored Pencils

Every now and then I'll attempt to teach perspective. I'm not sure if I just don't know how to do it well, or what, but it is always a challenge! Does anyone have any tricks or videos that teach it better than just showing them step-by-step? Anywho, for some reason I thought maybe 2 point perspective will be easier than 1 point? Turns out, it was about the same. Either they got it, or they didn't. The results aren't actually bad, but it was definitely a fun trip getting there...


  1. Perspective is just so hard! This is a fun twist:)

  2. Perspective is always a challenge, so I try to start simple with 1-point in the 4th grade (with what I refer to as "flying boxes") and build on it a tiny bit each year. The big thing to remember, in my opinion, is that the ability to understand the process is developmental, and not to get discouraged when some kids do not "get" it. They will not see how crooked their walls are. Some will still not get it even after repeated annual instruction - the kids who are good at math usually catch on quickly.

    I teach perspective with an old-fashioned overhead projector (not a document camera - the old kind with a roll of clear acetate and Vis-a-vis markers). I demo on the projector in tiny increments, and we all work together, step-by-step, with kids checking neighbors as they work. Don't get discouraged!!

    The chess board is a fun idea!

  3. Thanks, Phyl! I tried doing 1 point in 5th grade. Since I don't have all the 4th graders when they come to 5th grade, I won't know what their prior knowledge is once they come to 5th.. so I start there. It has always been hit or miss, so every now and then I'll try it. What's funny is, when I was subbing, I remember subbing for a 3rd grade class, and they did 1 point and drew a city, and it seemed like they all got it! If only I can remember who I was subbing for that day...

    I do like to go step-by-step, too, and they all can definitely follow up until somewhere where you have to connect the lines to the vanishing point. They do the first few perfectly, and then... somewhere somehow they think it is IMPOSSIBLE to shift their ruler to the VP. I show them just to slant it more and they are AMAZED! So I don't know... I just wasn't sure if someone was just saying something that I was missing : /