Sunday, April 3, 2011

Color Wheel Line Design

- 12" x 12" White Drawing Paper
- Tempera Paint
- Paintbrushes
- Pencil
- Color Wheel Reference

We thoroughly discussed the color wheel for this project. We reviewed and learned: primary, secondary, complementary, analogous, tertiary, monochromatic, tint and shade.

When I felt the students had a good grasp on the terms, they created a line design onto a piece of paper. I advised avoiding tiny details, knowing ahead of time how hard it is to paint smaller areas well. 

We divided their drawings into four sections. One was to be painted in a primary color scheme, secondary, one set of complementary, and any other scheme they choose (except another primary or secondary). I had the students label each corner on the back and each section on their drawing lightly. It ended up looking like a paint by numbers. I found that this helps lessen the confusion in the end, and the students do not forget what they were "going for" in each corner. 

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