Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ceramic Maracas

- Clay
- Slip
- Gloss Glaze
- Ceramic Tools
- Paper Towels
- Pencil

Begin with two pinch pots. Before connecting, you need to place your beads inside. We say "beads" instead of "balls" because of you-can-only-imagine why. Each student makes about 3 to 5 small beads. Place one bead on the corner of a piece of paper towel, roll over so it's hidden and place another one, roll and tuck, and place another one, and so on. The beads essentially should not be touching each other. If they do, they will get stuck to one another when firing and make one large clump of clay.

Place beads (which are still wrapped in paper towel) inside two pinch pots, score and slip shut. Mold and add features. When finished, poke a hole with a pencil to the center. Students need to poke a hole or else it will blow up from the pressure in the kiln.

Get ready to Shake! Shake! Shake!

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