Monday, April 18, 2011

Pop Art Portraits

- Vinyl (12" x 12" for each student)
- Colored Permanent Markers
- Student Photographs
- Andy Warhol References

This was a project I did before I became a blogger... so I don't have the best step-by-step pictures.

Basically what I did was took a photograph of each child, printed them out and had each child trace the major lines of their face onto the center of a piece of vinyl (and yes, I paid for all of the vinyl and pre-cut all the 12" x 12" squares).

I had each student draw a square around their face to make a frame. They colored in their faces, emphasizing to use bright bold colors like the style of Andy Warhol. Around their frame they were asked to write their name and some characteristics about who they are.

Because I highly doubt that I will ever be in the mood to buy all that vinyl and cut squares again, another idea may be to use wax paper or acetate. I happen to have a box full of acetate from the overhead projector days, but acetate can also get pricey.

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