Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Keith Haring Sculptures

- Drawing Paper
- Cereal Boxes (Or other cardboard similar to that thickness, cereal boxes open up to large pieces)
- Tagboard
- Scissors
- Glue
- Masking Tape
- Primer
- Paper Mache
- Newspaper
- Tempera Paint

1. Draw a Keith Haring figure onto drawing paper. This will be your tracer.

2. Trace onto cereal box cardboard. You will need two.

3. I had paper pre cut into 2" wide strips. Cutting those strips into smaller pieces, we rolled them to make pegs/stands/supports for the center of our sculptures. We glued these throughout the center of our figure.

4. On the other figure, I had 2" strips of tagboard precut, that we taped around the edge of the shape. Make sure when the figure lays on top of the other one, it will be facing in the right direction!

5. Place one on top of the other like a sandwich, and tape a few places around the edges so that it is shut. THIS is why it's very important you put the "edging" on correctly. I had a few students do it "backwards," so basically the figure was looking in the same direction, and when flipped over like a sandwich, they didn't match up.

6. Paper mache.

7. Prime.

8. Paint.

We discussed how Haring does graffiti and looked at some of his paintings that were filled with design. We incorporated that concept into our sculptures.











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  1. These are Fantastic!! Kudos to you and your students!

  2. Wonderful idea...did architectural letters with 5th graders last year...will have to incorporate this activity. Thanks for sharing!