Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Turkey Feathers

- Construction Paper
- Scissors
- Glue / Gluesticks
- Feather Tracer

Okay.. yes... Thanksgiving is over.. but I swear these months are shorter than usual. I've been a wee behind on posting, but hey... better late than never?

Anywho... I was inspired by these awesome feathers.. but I adapted it to be a little more cost efficient and time manageable for my students. Instead of using spaghetti or painting, we simply used construction paper. It was a fairly simple lesson, but I like how organized and unorganized these feathers look at the same time.. if that makes any sense?

My students, and I'm assuming many of yours, work at a wide range of speeds. My goal was 5 feathers from them.. Some managed to make 2, while others completed 5 in a smidge over one period. That being said, instead of reminding my kids over and over what step is next.. I write out the directions visually for them. That way, they can just look up and know where they are in the project.

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