Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paper Plate Tree Weavings

- Chinet Paper Plates
- Pencil
- Tempera Paint
- Yarn
- Scissors

Some projects are just TOO good to not copy and try! I LUH-HOOVVEEDD these from Cassie Stephen's! And so did the rest of my school and third graders that made these! They turned out great. Check out Cassie's blog for specific directions!

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  1. I love this lesson too. I did it with my 4th grade last year. Cassie is so creative. Your students did a great job.

  2. I loved these as well. I tried them with third graders last year and had a crash and burn. I'll give them a try again this year and hope for better results, Any hints for success out there?

    1. I think it would help if I knew what part you specifically had difficulty with. : ) My students didn't seem to have too many issues, I even left one day of this project with a sub! I came back pleasantly surprised with their progress.

    2. Oh, Hannah, hurray!! I love how these turned out! I'm hoping to do this lesson with my students again this year...if we have time, it seems the end of the year is coming faster than I thought! These look great! K Hyman, please let us know where you had trouble, would love to help you out. The kids LOVE weaving!