Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little Cloud

- Turquoise Construction Paper
- Light Blue Construction Paper
- Blue Tempera paint
- White Tempera Paint
- Sponges
- Paintbrushes
- Pencils
- Scissors
- Glue / Glue Sticks

After reading "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle to the group, I played some nice spring music for the class. I turned off the lights, asked each one to put their heads down, described a beautiful spring scene, and asked that each student imagine they were laying down in the grass looking up at the clouds. I asked that they each think of what that cloud may look like.

1. Sponge blue paint onto turquoise paper. Set aside to dry.

2. This is the tricky part. Draw out the major shapes of the overall design for your cloud. For example, if you were to make a clown, you would need a circle for his face, a circle for his nose, a triangle for his hat, etc. Draw this on your light blue paper.

3. Flip the light blue paper over and paint with white paint. Shmear it all around, it doesn't have to be neat. Make sure a little of the light blue paper is still peaking through, though. Set aside to dry.

4. Cut out pre drawn shapes from light blue paper.

5. Assemble onto sponged turquoise paper and glue down.

6. Using light blue paint, paint in any small details that could not be cut out.

After doing this with my Kinders, I see now that it was a little too difficult for them to understand to draw all the shapes and to only paint in the details. This would work much better with first graders.

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  1. i think its a turtle first.... after seeing the title i came to conclusion its a cloud