Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long Term Sub (Pt. 1)

Hello, friends... just looking for some feedback here. As summer is winding down and with school starting very soon, I am just making my finishing touches on my "Long Term Substitue Bible." I wasn't able to get back into my room until this past Monday, so I met again with my sub to put away supplies and "show her the ropes," so I've already explained a lot to her. However, as it is with all teachers, we really like to make sure everything is in order and tip top shape.

The information I've included for her has been:

1. Contact Information (for myself, principals and secretaries for both schools I work at, a fellow coworker at each school for any needed help, all members of the art department and the art department chair).

2. Class Schedule

3. Class Rosters

4. Class Seating Charts

5. Basic Room Organization & Structure (so that when I return everything is hopefully going with the flow of how I usually do things)

6. Pertinent Art Show Descriptions & Dates

7. Information about other necessary Art Displays

8. Kiln Information & Instructions

9. Important Dates (Holidays, Superintendent Days, Fire Drills, Open House, etc.)

10. Miscellaneous / "A Few Reminders"

Can anybody think of anything that I might be missing? I really appreciate any feedback as this will be my first time having a long term sub. I am already not a huge fan of having a sub in for a day (but I'm assuming a cute little baby will distract me from what potentially could be going on in my classroom!), so I'd like this to be as smooth a transition as possible. Thanks for any help in advance!


  1. How longs leave are you taking? When does it start? How does the timing play into grading/assessments? Then I can answer better.

  2. I am taking 12 weeks and am not even starting the school year! If I go on my due date, that 12 weeks takes me right up until after Thanksgiving break. As far as grading, I'll only have to input a grade once while she's there at the 10 week mark- just for one 6th grade class and one 12:1:1 class.

  3. Do you have a 'buddy teacher'? Someone you use when you need to timeout a student away from your classroom? I've yet to get a job at Utopia Elementary (there never seem to be openings there...) so occasionally I need to remove a student. Usually I use the librarian who is conveniently located across the hall from my classroom. You might want to include that info along w/your rules & consequences. Also - instructions for fire drills & lockdowns. Enjoy your time at home!

  4. Fortunately... i haven't had too many instances where a student has had to be removed from my classroom. If I ever have to get to a time out point, I usually place the student at a separate desk in the corner of the room and (so far, knock on wood), their behavior has never escalated to a point where they need to be removed.

    At the Middle School, if it ever gets to be that severe, we simply send students to the office to cool down.

    Rules & Consequences! Duh... I should have thought of that. I have signs in my rooms, but it's a good tip to include them. As far as fire drills and lockdowns, our teacher manuals include PAGES of our procedures (oy.)

    Thanks for all the tips!

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