Monday, January 2, 2012

Islamic Tile Prints

- Light Colored Printing Paper / Construction Paper / Regular White Drawing Paper
- Oil Pastels
- Printing Ink
- Brayers and Plates
- Styrofoam Plates
- Pencils

This is very similar to my Radial Symmetry Prints, just took it a step further.

1. Create an interesting design onto a square piece of paper. (We used 4" x 4". I realized after mine I did the calculations wrong and would have rather done 3" x 3" because our whole paper is 12"x 18" and it would have made more divisible sense that way. Since I already had the styrofoam cut I just said oh well.) Mark a dot in one corner on the front with the design and on the back, same corner. 

Emphasize not making tiny details because they will be very hard to color in using oil pastel. It should also be very geometric, without the incorporation of happy faces and peace signs.

2. Tape that design onto a styrofoam plate the same size and trace over the design. We traced once with the paper on and a second time with the paper off to make a deeper impression, just for good measure. Don't forget that dot!

3. Using the dot, follow and print with the "system" explained in this post. With 12" x 18" paper, however, you will end up with 2 total radial prints and 2 half radial prints. (I know, that doesn't make any sense, but hopefully you'll get it when you scroll down and see the examples.) If you use 3" x 3" squares, you should end up with 4 whole radial prints and 2 half prints (I think? - I'm such a visual learner, eesh. Once I do this again, I'll know better, ha).

The top two "full squares" are my one square printed radially twice, get it? And the bottom row is half of that... Also, the prints don't actually have to be very dark because the students are just going to color over them anyways- just enough so that you can see the design.

4. Color! The students can choose to color in the lines or leave them blank, simulating the idea of grout.

Again, because my calculations were off, we had to crop off the unused area.

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  1. Nice. I like your previous radial symmetry prints, too.

  2. These are just beautiful! I'm inspired!

  3. Beautiful, and very challenging, too!

    Is the wallpaper on your blog new? I like it but I don't remember it.

  4. This is a very nice printing, Its a very amazing art as compare to the other printing art.

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  5. I like the idea of working back into the prints to add more color

  6. I changed the wallpaper I THINK in the beginning of the school year? I'm pretty sure.... and I know I made it wider to add the blog roll, so you see less of it and it can easily be looked over and unnoticed, ha

  7. What grade is this? They are beautiful!

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