Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fabric Weavings

- Fabric Scraps cut into strips
- Looms (these were made out of cereal boxes)
- Yarn

I recently had a lot of fabric donated to me.

That was just the pile I remembered to take a picture of. I had about twice as much before I put half of it away. Now I just don't know where to put this...

Anywho, I wanted to make fabric weavings this year, so the timing of the donation was perfect! I did these with 1st graders, so I knew using those looms you buy from the catalogs would have too many warps for their tiny fingers to weft. I also knew I didn't have enough looms to give away for each student to take home, nor did I really want to. Solution- I made some out of cereal boxes:

We weaved the wefts first, and then I directed to follow the yarn (warps) and cover it up. I stapled down the edges so that they were secure and Mr. E shared the brilliant idea of adding a frame around the edges to make them look more finished.

I think they turned out great! Definitely one of my favorite lessons.

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