Saturday, May 7, 2011


- Tagboard
- Rulers
- Scissors
- Markers/ Colored Pencils
- Gluesticks/ Tape

This was a lesson I saw on There's a Dragon in my Art Room and knew I definitely had to try it! I attempted these with my 5th graders, although when I was making my teacher exemplar, I was worried this was more 6th grade appropriate. I decided 5th graders, however, because I have a flexagon similar to this one on my desk, but more complicated, and the students play with it all the time.  Since they always ask to keep it, I decided they can make their own!

This is a project you really have to see in action, rather than a "final result"... because... well... there's 6 final results. I do apologize, too, for not posting step-by-step instructions, but they can all be seen here, and the worksheet is also very helpful. 

Here are some pictures of each side flexed:

It's a GREAT math lesson and the students are now addicted to flexing : - ).



  1. Hannah, WOW! I'm so happy you managed to figure this out from my wacky directions. Your kids did a GREAT job!!! I don't know if you set parameters like this, but your results make we think it would be a great idea to set color parameters - one side monochromatic or analagous, one side complementary or split complementary, and one side maybe a triad. Or warm colors, cool colors, and artist's choice... Next year!! Anyhow, good job, and thanks for linking to my blog.

  2. Your directions were great! I'm just such a visual learner that it takes me a little bit, haha. I definitely think the next time I do this I will do some sort of color theory lesson, or some kind of pattern association, texture, etc.. something with some guidance.. the kids love them though! I've had a few make two already, thanks again for the great ideas!