Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mosaic Rainbows

- 1" Construction Paper Strips (in every color of the rainbow)
- Light Blue Construction Paper for the background
- Glue
- Pencil
- Markers (optional)
- Scissors (optional)

Some nice rainbows to celebrate spring and St. Patrick's Day!

We discussed the rainbow and the order of the colors. To begin, I had each student draw one large arc. This would serve as a starting point as to where they would place their red pieces. 

I asked each student to rip their squares from their strips, but some felt more comfortable using scissors. Both methods work great for building their hand muscles.

Once their red was done, they continued with the appropriate color, using the previous arc as a guide. 

If there is any time at the end, each child can decorate how they wish, adding a sun, flowers, a pot of gold, a leprechaun, etc.

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