Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Personal Shields

- Paper
- Shield Tracers
- Pencils
- Tooling Foil
- Magazines
- Permanent Markers
- Scissors
- Paintbrushes

Every year, my fourth graders love the Medieval exhibit at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. This year, we were inspired to make shields. Discussing how knights' shields were designed with symbols that represented their kingdoms, we made our own shields representing who we are.

1. Using a shield tracer, make a sloppy copy design on paper.

2. When the design is approved, tape paper onto foil.

3. Place design on top of magazine. This will give it a little "give" when embossing.

4. Trace design using the end of a paintbrush. Press firmly so that it dents into the foil.

5. Untape design and trace once more for good measure.

6. Color in with marker.

7. Cut out shield carefully.

8. I helped tape a band to the back so that the students could hold the shields.

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