Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coil Bowls

- Clay
- Glaze
- Rolling Pins
- Clay Tools
- Bowls
- Vaseline
- Plastic Spoons
- Circle Tracers

I prepped all the bowls to have a dab of vaseline on the bottom.

1. With a spoon, spread the vaseline around the bowl. This will help as a release so that the clay does not stick to the bowl.

2. Wedge clay and form into a ball.

3. Roll out clay.

4. Using a circle tracer similar to the size of the bottom of the bowl, cut out a circle.

5. Write your initials or name onto the circle, turn upside down, and place on the bottom of the bowl. From there, you add coils, beads, or spirals.

6. Rub the inside of the bowl so that it is smoothed out and the coils, beads, and spirals stick together.

7. Let them stiffen up a little bit. The bowl should peel right off.

8. Fire and glaze! : )

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  1. These look so great! I have been wanting to try this with my students. Do you know about how much clay it took for each pot? I'd love to know so I can plan. I don't have a ton of clay and may need more.


  2. Actually a lot less than I was expecting! My bowls were small so I'd say about a 1/2 lb. for each? I'm in the opposite boat... I have too MUCH clay and I wanted the kids to make these super tall, huge bowls so my clay wouldn't dry out- everyone seemed content with these little bowls, go figure.