Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alphabet Quilt

- Watercolor Paper
- Watercolor Paints
- Oil Pastels
- Paintbrushes
- Pencils

1. I prefolded all the paper first to have 6 rows.

2. Students open up and fold in half in the other direction like a "hot dog," and again once more like a hot dog. They should have ended up with 4 rows, and 24 boxes total.

3. Review the alphabet with them and write a letter nice and large in each box. Two rows will have to have 5 letters.

Demonstrate how to outline parts of each letter with an oil pastel. Emphasize to use a lot of colors so that it looks like this!:

4. Explain how oil and water don't mix and paint in the boxes : - ).


  1. Simple idea with such nice results - I like it! Wouldn't it be fun to "bind" the quilts with fun patterned borders? - just a thought...

  2. I used 18" x 24", and actually... shh- I didn't even use watercolor paper. I don't have a lot of watercolor paper and didn't want to use it for this project, so I actually just used drawing paper. I think they turned out more colorful than I expected!

    And Phyl, I love that idea!