Sunday, May 22, 2011

Symmetry Aliens

- Construction Paper
- Pencils
- Scissors
- Glue

We first folded a piece of 12" x 18" construction paper in half the long way, like a hot dog. Starting near the top of the fold and ending towards the bottom, the students drew an interesting line. Keeping the paper folded in half, cut along the line. Open up and this will be the body.

Folding scraps of construction paper in half, I had the students draw features to add on to the bodies. When they cut out, they would have two identical pieces to glue.

* Those are nose hairs coming from the nostrils!


  1. Did you tell them it would be an alien/creature before you started?

  2. Yes I did. I always have a teacher exemplar first to show them an example so they knew we were making them into aliens : ).