Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Craft

- 9" x 12" Green Construction Paper
- Scissors
- Rulers
- Stapler
- Glue
- 1" Tissue Paper Squares
- Paper Cups

1. Fold paper lengthwise like a hotdog.

2. Turn the paper so that the open side up is on the top and fold side down is towards the bottom.

3. Line ruler on the edge of the open side and draw a horizontal line.

4. Draw lines perpendicular to that line, going vertically down to the fold. Ours were spaced ruler width apart.

5. Cut along vertical lines, paper still folded, and stop at horizontal line.

6. Move uncut band up about an inch and staple. This will create a small loop where the cut fringes are.

7. Roll into a spiral to make stems. You can staple or glue shut, but I just had the students tuck them into a cup.

8. Add a glue dot to each stem and a crumpled piece of tissue paper to look like flowers.

9. Some students had time to add a card attached to a pipe cleaner.

Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. These are gorgeous! I've done this , but Love how you added tissue paper and a cup!

  2. Thanks! They're a little crafty but they all turn out so great!

  3. I didn't get to it this year, but I usually do this, and maybe I still will. We do it with 2 sheets of paper,one green, and one other color, and after they are both cut we staple them one inside the other. Oh we put them together inside out, so they poof out more instead of staying creased. Then we use all sorts of paper from the scrap box to make flowers to staple on, instead of tissue flowers.

  4. Ooh, I'd love to see how those look, Phyl! Again... I'm afraid I don't visually get putting the two colors "inside out," ay... but I'll be on the look out for a post!

  5. Just made these with my class today and they turned out great, thanks for the idea!