Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Comic and In Need of Some Help

Courtesy of Adventures of an Art Teacher. Enjoy :-)

On another note, I teach a Life Skills class every Monday and this past Friday the teacher had asked me if I could do a lesson on Dr. Seuss. I was thinking along the lines of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and making fish... but I'm not sure how to color them.. any ideas? We've done sponging and tissue paper-ing and ripped construction paper collages... just wasn't sure if anyone had other suggestions?

Other inspirations:
- Green Eggs and Ham
- Maybe a Life Skills appropriate way of making a Dr. Seuss hat?

I see them only once a week for about 30-35 minutes, and I do a new "theme" every week that is appropriate to what they're teaching in class, so it would have to be a one 30 minute lesson. Any ideas...?


  1. I have two nursing life skills classes and sometimes when we want to add color we hand over hand use watercolor markers (crayola works best) and then brush over the maker to turn it into paint.

  2. This may not help, but Patty at Deep Space Sparkle posted a really cute "one fish two fish" lesson last year here:
    It would take more than one art class but check it out as it may give you an idea how to adapt it to a 30 minute session. As for the life skills aspect though - gee I don't know. Meanwhile I noticed that somebody posted a Lorax lesson maybe yesterday.

  3. I would stamp with fish shapes, maybe sponge or potato. Or you could decorate the fish with stamped shapes as all.

  4. Didn't he write the book The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins? You could do hat design...If you take a large piece of newspaper, form it over the head, wrap some masking tape around the wearer's head to keep the shape & roll up the 'brim'. Then you're all set to decorate.

  5. Nancie is right on there. My life skills students, of any ability, LOVE it when they can wear or interact with their art. You could make one fish, two fish puppets on sticks and I bet they would love that. I've been teaching two life skills classes a week for the last three years if you ever need ideas or help.

  6. Ooh I like the hat idea. This is easy: Use brown paper grocery bags (upside down), roll up the bottom and squash it up to make it fit (it's easy and looks very Mad Hatter-ish). Paint it, glue on it, decorate it however you like - easy and what kid doesn't like to wear a hat?

  7. Thanks guys! This is why I love bloggers, so quick to help!

    I ended up adapting a lesson I saw here:

    I think stuffing the bags wasn't enough for my kids, so I ended up doing this: