Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colorful Henna Hands

- Clay
- Clay Tools
- Watercolor Paint
- Paintbrushes
- Henna References

I showed a powerpoint on Henna and discussed this beautiful art form. Rather than sticking to the traditional deep reds and blacks, I thought why not make them colorful?!

1. Roll out slab of clay.

2. Trace hand.

3. Add lines for where fingers would be separated.

4. Carve out designs using lots of dots and lines.

5. Fire and paint!


* Check out this other inspirational post on henna from There's a Dragon in my Art Room.


  1. This brings it all back - a year ago I was henna-ing the bald head of a fellow teacher going through chemo. She's doing great now, with a full head of hair, but we still have leftover henna and will paint our arms sometime soon. I posted about the henna back in July, here:

  2. I love henna! I do this project too. The kids really enjoy it :) I got the idea from and friend of mine. She used metallic liquid watercolors and they turn out great.

  3. OOh- metallic liquid watercolors!??! I'll have to get me some of those!

    And Phyl, thanks for sharing!! What a lovely post... I'll make sure to link it above. :)