Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Valued Portraits

- Photograph of Student
- Photograph photoshopped/ edited into 5 different value ranges
- Edited photograph printed for each student
- Drawing Paper
- Pencils
- Carbon Paper
- Tape (optional)
- Tempera Paint
- Paintbrushes

1. Take photo of each student. I photoshopped for them and made them into 5 values. Print out.

2. Have each student trace around the value areas. Should look like a topographic map.                                                  

3. Starting with the lightest areas first, label on print out all the lightest areas '1.' The second lightest will be '2,' and then '3,' and then so on. They are essentially making a color by numbers guide of their portrait.

4. Place print out on top of carbon paper (transfer side facing down), and then place on top of drawing paper. (print out- carbon paper- drawing paper)

5. Start tracing outlines. It might help to use a colored pencil to see which lines you have already traced. They can also tape the top two papers to the drawing paper on the top edge, so that they can lift the bottom edge and check their progress along the way.

6. Transfer lightly all the numbers 1 - 5 in the designated areas on the drawing paper.

7. We just studied color schemes, so the students were asked to paint their portraits using a chosen color scheme. When choosing, pre-designate the 5 colors they will use. If the color scheme only includes 3 colors, ex. primary colors, they were to use tints and shades. For example, (1) light yellow, (2) yellow, (3) red, (4) dark red, (5) dark blue.

8. Using their #1-5 guide, start painting in one numbered area at a time.

The students made triptychs.  

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