Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hungry Fish

- 12" x 18" Drawing Paper
- Pencils
- Colored Pencils/ Markers/ Crayons
- Imagination!

So I've made it a point this year to focus on my high school curriculum because it's all new to me. That being said, I didn't want to, or honestly have enough time to, devote to new lesson planning / blog reading / pinterest researching / etc. on my elementary projects. To preserve my sanity, I've decided for the most part to repeat some of my favorite lessons I've already taught for the past seven years (although... I have caught myself already doing a couple new projects!).

This Hungry Fish lesson is one of my fav's. It's simple. It's possibilities are endless. It doesn't require a lot of materials or prep. The kids love it. My original post can be seen here

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  1. Haha, big fist, so lovely :3
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  2. I've been doing your lesson for a couple of years - it's always a hit! We all love it!!!