Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Radial Symmetry Prints

- 12" x 12" Drawing Paper
- Watercolor Paint
- Paintbrushes
- Black Tempera Paint
- Miscellaneous Objects for Printing (Corrugated Cardboard Scraps, Forks, Corks, Bottle Caps, etc.)

1. Fold paper in half.

2. Fold paper in half the other way. You should have four squares.

3. Fold in half diagonally.

4. Fold in half diagonally in the other direction. Now you should have eight triangles. These fold lines are used as guidelines to help keep everything symmetrical.

5. Dipping objects in black tempera paint, print/ "stamp" a radially symmetrical design. I asked my students to do at least 100 "prints".

6. Paint design using watercolor paint.

I kind of love the "messy" look some of these have- very unrefined but beautiful!

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  1. These are Great and each one so unique! I agree with you, I particularly like the "messy" ones. I'll have to pin this lesson. Thanks!