Friday, April 24, 2015

A Late Earth Day Post

- Circle Tracer
- Blue Construction Paper (I used light and regular)
- Peach/Tan/Brown Construction Paper
- White Tempera Paint
- Sponges
- Paper Towels
- Green Tissue Paper
- Glue
- Assorted Colors of Construction Paper

1. Use circle tracer on light blue construction paper.

2. Tear or cut 1" strips of blue construction paper into smaller squares and cover circle. (Disregard the two tones, I took a picture after I started painting.)

3. Dab a sponge into white paint and then onto some paper towel to really blot off any excess paint. Sponge paint onto circle. 

I used blue and white in my exemplar and don't really like how that turned out, so I used just white with the students. 

4. Glue on green tissue paper to make land.

5. Trace and cut hands. Mount onto larger piece of construction paper. 

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