Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monster Collabo

- Drawing Paper
- Crayons / Markers / Colored Pencils
- Clay
- Paint / Glaze
- 2 groups to collabo with (preferably one older, one younger)

Don't you just love collaboration work? Our district stumbled upon something last year that we for sure are going to keep up as tradition. It's nothing we came up with, and some of you may have already done something like this, but it was our first time and it was a hit!

Last year we had our Kindergarteners draw a monster, shared that drawing with our high school ceramics students, and they turned their drawings into life! They were returned to them this year as first graders (we did this at the very end of last year with no time to return), and I saved them to paint for Halloween. The students loved how their little monsters turned out and they all have made a new art friend! The high school students signed their names on the back of the monsters and some left little cute messages.

This year, the other elementary art teacher and I are thinking of doing a 4th grade collaboration project; something along the lines of trading art work and letters, so that when they enter the middle school in 5th grade, they'll know someone else from "the other school." We're thinking of calling it art pARTners... tee her, get it? (Plus, it goes along really well with the Common Core.. which I know is all our top priority ; )

Anywho, check out some of the uber cute results! Any other successful and unique collaboration lessons you've tried?

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