Monday, January 9, 2012

Aboriginal Dot Paintings

- Construction Paper
- Tempera Paint
- Q-Tips
- Aboriginal References
- Pencil

Aboriginal art is the traditional art created by the Australian indigenous. Often called "dot paintings," the aborigines used their art to tell stories, usually about the artist. Aborigines incorporated nature inspired colors, symbols, and animals in their art.

We discussed aboriginal art and looked at examples and a video. The students were to incorporate one traditional Australian animal and design an interesting background. Drawing in pencil first, the students filled in their paintings with dots using q-tips and tempera paint. I tried to emphasize using an organized method, rather than a sporadic, polka-dot affect.

Each table shared one palette. Their color choices were limited to black, white, orange, brown, red, yellow and orange.

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  1. Very neat! How many class periods did this take? What grade level? I would love to try this, and I'm wondering if it would be best for fourth or fifth grade.

  2. I did these with my 5th graders and it only took about 4-5 40 minute classes : )

  3. Hi, Could I learn this dot painting.... where should I go to learn this art. Thanks

    1. actually.......u just have toy draw anything and tacke a wooden chopstick dip it in paint and make dots...easy and i think u should use arcilik paint

  4. What is the animal in the last paint please ?

  5. Aboriginal Art is a form of art that consists of a wide selection of mediums including sand painting, wood art, rock carving and also leaf art.

  6. They did a fantastic job on their paintings. I think this technique would be a perfect challenge for our Documented Project Life Art Journal Group. Thanks so much for sharing.