Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Potted Poinsettias

- Football Shaped Sponges
- Red, Green, and Yellow Tempera Paint
- Gold Foil
- Tagboard
- Paper
- Scissors

I can't remember the exact website that I adapted this lesson from, but when I searched to find the original lesson, this was the most similar to what I was looking for: Poinsettia Art Project by Deep Space Sparkle.

It's the same concept, but basically we started with yellow dots, red petals and green leaves. We used the same sponge for our petals and leaves instead of the two different sizes that Patty suggested. Since I have a HUGE roll of gold foil, the students made pots for their poinsettias by tracing and cutting a "pot tracer" (basically a trapezoid) and wrapping it with the foil.

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