Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree

- Paper
- Glue/ Gluesticks
- Markers/ Crayons/ Colored Pencils
- Brown & Yellow Construction Paper
- Background Paper

My original inspiration for this project was this pin. I thought rolling paper would be a little difficult for the students to glue shut without crushing, so instead we folded.

We used four pieces of paper, but you can easily use as many or as little as you want and you can definitely change the sizes. Ours were 4" x 10", 4" x 8", 4" x 6", and 4" x 3".

1. Decorate with a pattern on each piece.

2. Fold each piece in half the "long way," like a hot dog.
3. Open up and fold outside edges to the center crease.

4. Open up and curl in to form a triangular row.

5. Glue sides shut.

6. Arrange with shortest row on top to longest row on the bottom, leaving gaps in between.

7. Add a trunk and star.

I think it makes a nice cast shadow to help make the shape of the tree.

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